Confronting Inequities in STI Prevention, Diagnostics and Care

Symposium 2

Addressing STIs in pregnancy

Venue: Gwayi Conference Room
Chairpersons: Barbara van der Pol; Chelsea Morroni


Time: 10:30 to 12:00
Programmatic Evidence on Sociodemographic Characteristics of Syphilis in Pregnancy from Three High Prevalence states in Nigeria Chiedozie Nwafor
Syphilis in Pregnancy in Zambia: Gaps in the Treatment Cascade and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Albert Manasyan
Lessons learned from the introduction of Dual Rapid Diagnostic test (RDT) for HIV and syphilis testing and syphilis treatment for pregnant women during Ante Natal Care (ANC) visits in Ethiopia Zelalem Demeke
Prevalence of curable sexually transmitted and reproductive tract infections among pregnant women attending antenatal care in Nchelenge, Zambia Mike Chaponda
Feasibility of GeneXpert® testing for sexually transmitted infections and same-day treatment in pregnant women Mandisa Mdingi
Vulvovaginal yeast infections in pregnancy and perinatal outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis Ranjana Gigi