Confronting Inequities in STI Prevention, Diagnostics and Care

Symposium 4

WHO STI research priority setting and monkeypox virus

Monday September 5th 2022, 12:00 – 13:30
Kalala Conference Room

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have a profound impact on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) worldwide. Since May 2022, a multi-country outbreak of monkeypox amongst gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) has become apparent. As of 7 August, 27,814 cases had been reported from 89 countries and 11 people had died.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is undertaking a global research priority setting exercise for STIs, to address the most pressing gaps in STI prevention, management, and control. This process is guided by a technical advisory group (TAG) consisting of global experts in STI research. A global, online survey to identify important STI research areas is being launched in August 2022. This STI research priority setting process, and the IUSTI World Congress, provide a unique opportunity to leverage the global community of STI research experts to provide input on STI-related research for monkeypox. The symposium will discuss three crucial research areas related to monkeypox virus transmission and identify STI-related study designs and approaches, methodologies, and opportunities for collaboration and data harmonization.